So where to start… I’ve never written a short biography other than for a C.V so writing this feels kind of bizarre but I’m acting on sound advice so here goes.
I started working in kitchens at the tender age of 13 as a part time KP in a quaint village restaurant that kept me out of trouble at weekends, but only when I was there though.
Seeing the line chef’s bang out a lunch service for 200 then again 2 hours later, all with an amazing hang over, barely breaking sweat, possibly on come downs and still having the time to mock, flirt and cajole the rest of the staff. Alright the quality was nowhere near any sort of rosette standard but it was enough to whet my appetite (for destruction?!)
After leaving school with sod all by way of an education and qualifications, other than how to roll a great joint using one hand!, I was given a stark choice and decided to jump straight into an apprenticeship as a chef.
I didn’t look back really and loved cooking for a long time, in mostly quality places, until about ten years in I wanted a different challenge. I never stopped loving cooking; I had just fallen out of love with it.
So I swapped, betrayed the kitchen, and went front of House!
I’ve worked for chains, Hotels and independent restaurants as floor/bar staff and love both sides equally.
It’s like when one of your parents try and describe love to you and uses the analogy that ‘Mummy loves both you and daddy, it’s just a different kind of love!!” Well that’s how I feel about the difference in ‘sides’.
Whilst my experiences may or may not be the same as others who have worked the trade this is my story; these are my views (and not those of any employer). I hope you enjoy reading, half as much as I enjoy sharing.
Nofrillsfood, August 2012.